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Bigger Fish! Faster Speeds to Deeper Waters! Adventure off shore for Grouper, Snapper, King Fish and much more on M/V SEA FLIGHT, M/V SEA FLIGHT II, or M/V SEA FLIGHT III.

M/V SEA FLIGHT is rigged for complete fishing comfort for up to 26-passengers. 4 hour, 6 hour, and 8 hour charters are available. Pure Florida does restrict fishing aboard M/V SEA FLIGHT to passengers 6 years and older. No one under 16 is permitted without a parent or guardian.

M/V Sea Flight II is brand new with the latest in catamaran hull design and motors. This makes the vessel not only the most comfortable and stable experience, but also the fastest, most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly ride around. Maximum 6 passengers for private fishing trips or sightseeing cruises.

Sea Flight III is the newest addition to the always improving fleet of Pure Florida. With the ability to match off shore capabilities of her predecessor Sea Flight II, Sea Flight III also has the ability to tackle the mangroves forests for backwater fishing. With the latest in catamaran hill design and high powered motors, Sea Flight III is able to take you (up to 6 passengers) anywhere that you are looking to reel in your experience.