Marine Team Ltd. was founded by Captains Lance and Harry Julian in 1994 to provide professional marine consulting, project management and production services for commercial maritime projects and for water related feature films, television programs, commercials, videos, documentaries, etc., worldwide.

In 2009 Marine Team Ltd. was renamed Marine Team International Inc. and relocated to Florida to better serve the Nautical Film/TV/Commercial industry. With the move, we now have a presence in Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, Australia, New Zealand and the Florida area. We continue to push our ability and services in all other foreign locations as we have in the past.

The focus of Marine Team is to draw on its extensive background and experience in the international commercial maritime industry in order to safely, professionally, and cost effectively provide its clients with on time, on budget and satisfactory completion of basic and logistically complex maritime related projects worldwide.

Marine Team continues to grow with its ability to provide further services to the projects it undertakes. Adding to the company's resume of production services and commercial marine projects, Marine Team is pleased to offer underwater setup and film support along with shore to open water pier construction to facilitate loading of personnel and equipment, no matter what the rise and fall of tides.

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